In my large-scale charcoal drawings, personal sensibilities tangle with larger collective experiences such as natural disasters, social upheaval, and climate change. I use various sizes and shapes of torn paper and assemble them together so the final drawing is oddly shaped and undulating—taking on a sculptural form. My process is at once additive, subtractive, and improvisational and mixes-up the actual and the illusionary. Through the careful blending of charcoal with delicate erasure, small discrete images ranging over expansive spaces weave together as an evolving narrative emerges as I draw. Informed by extensive reading (I’m an avid fiction reader) and banks of images I’ve compiled over time, my work also draws upon Buddhist teachings, news events, and poetry. My aim in this progression is to create a visual correspondence to forces felt in the world and in us—forces both intimate as well as social and environmental.